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Swiss Karting Championship
03 Jul 2022

7. Laghi, italy

Teamwork makes the dream work

I am thankful to always have such an amazing team

My team

I get support so I can deliver great results.
Innovate Competition - Tony Kart Schweiz

My team since 2021

The Agostino Lagrotteria team is the official Tony Kart representative in Switzerland.

My parents

My managers

Since I was passionate about this sport as a 10-year-old, they have supported me in all possible ways and every step of the way.

The experts behind me

Roland Heim is CEO of Sports Emotions AG, a marketing and sponsoring full service agency that offers sponsorship advice, sponsorship research, sports marketing
Roland Heim

Marketing & Sponsoring Manager

I am very happy to help Lyon on his path and share with him advice and tips for a better nutrition and health. 
Florian Kamm

Personal Trainer - Absolute You

With his extensive knowledge, Florian helps Lyon stay fit and healthy to get most out of his body

Mike was a key person in Switzerland's first beach soccer club. He is currently on the board of directors of the Wohlen Football Club.
He gives us directions for our efforts to meet my requirements professionally and effectively
Mike von Wyl


Mike, who is also a family, is our source of inspiration. His experience with sports clubs is invaluable

My past team members

My mechanic in 2020 & assistant mechanic 2019
Car mechanic apprentice, Calm, talented, detailed, steady like a rock
With him its always “Guete Tag” 😄
Jan Offner

My mechanicin 2020

Creating Champions!
Very talented in all aspects of racing, especially how he trains kids. No wonder the team has won 9 x Swiss & 12 x Vega Championship titles since he set up KartBox in 2016, making it the most successful Swiss Team.
Kurt Wenger

Team boss, coach, friend since 2017
The craziest of us all.

A regular Kart driver & mechanic, Pädü is a perfectionist who jumped in for me at the start of season 2020. He was equally shattered that we missed the “Championship Title” by such few points
Patrick “Pädü” Bruder

Main mechanic season 2020

Crazy, fun loving & a very talented driver who has always ranked among the best in the Karting world championships. 😄
Leandro Anderütti

Ex Ralf Schumacher &Praga factory team driver

Whirpool lover 😄
Sevi makes sure that I always have a competitive engine. He’s always there on the track to support me with his vast experience.
Loves his Whirlpool & his camper 😊
Severin Offner

My engine tuner since 2020

A young & dynamic Kart driver. Tristan Thank you for being there for all the trainings, thank you for helping out during hectic high presue situations. You & cool. I love you bro!
Tristan Zloczower

Assistant & Trainings mechanic

A regular Kart driver & mechanic, Ramon was always there, especially during the Final race of the Vega Championship. That was a lot of pressure we both went through together. Thank you Ramon for all your work & keeping a cool head!
Ramon Ledo

Assistant mechanic season 2020

2 seasons & a World Championship Final! 2 times best rookie of the season in Super mini & X30 Junior. It was possible because of you Carlo. “Petra Sturzenegger for ever bro!” 😄
Carlo Thomman

My Mechanic season 2018 & 2019

South France Kart Champion & experienced Mechanic. Thank you for being there & jumping in when needed. Thanks for teaching me the mentality of “drive like a champion”.
Sebastian Figour

Assistant Mechanic 2019